Veritas — Distributed Verified Reviews

We are happy and proud to announce the launch of Veritas — a verification engine for online reviews. Until now, merchants have not had an easy and reliable way to know that the feedback left across online platforms is actually linked to a real purchase made by a customer. Prior solutions required a centralized and trusted service to attempt to validate that a user is leaving a verified review. Veritas is a product that allows any application, merchant, or Point-of-Sale service to issue signed proof of purchase on a public blockchain that can verifiably link a customer to an online review at a later time.

How it works

We can break down Veritas into two components:

  1. Proof of Existence/Purchase
  2. Verified Reviews

Proof of Existence/Purchase

At Point of Sale, any system can call into the Veritas API to issue an onchain token that holds metadata about the purchase being made along with the customer’s signature. This metadata can be any JSON blob that can hold as much or as little information as desired by the merchant. The requirements can be determined based on each merchant’s needs. For example, a Point of Sale application would have a merchant that seeks to integrate with the True Reviews Map require the following three parameters:

  • location: A unique identifier for the merchant. utilizes the Google Place ID of the merchant.
  • signatureData: A string of data that is unique for this purchase.
  • signature: A Paymail signature of the signatureData value

Any other data can be included at the merchant’s discretion. For example, restaurants could record information about a customer’s experience to reference when a review is made. The server, items ordered, time of day, etc. can all be included in the object to provide context and information around the review, and that data can be encrypted/decrypted as necessary.

These tokens don’t just need to represent a valid proof of purchase — we can extend these to be used as any sort of proof of existence with a timestamp while including any JSON blob of metadata. Applications could tokenize proof that a user did an action inside their app, for example, with as much other information that they want to include. Paymail signatures aren’t even a requirement — Veritas allows you to generate unique one-time use URLs for leaving reviews. Now any application can have verifiable feedback onchain through a one-time use form.

Verified Reviews

Once we have this signed Proof of Purchase/Existence, we can spend this token if a customer’s signature upon leaving a review validates. This allows us to create a linkage between real usage/purchases and reviews. Companies like Amazon provide a service that allows a consumer to distinguish verified reviews from non-verified reviews, but this is only possible because Amazon controls the distribution mechanism and provides the validation themselves. Veritas allows any merchant/application to utilize the global public ledger of the Bitcoin blockchain to verify reviews.

Partnership with Anypay

We are happy to announce that Anypay is the first business to implement the Veritas API into their payment processor. At point of sale, Anypay makes a call to the Veritas API and issues proof of purchase on the blockchain along with a paymail signature made using Money Button. The user can then make a review for the purchase by clicking a link that directs them to the location on In order to leave a review, the user must be able to make a valid paymail signature, ensuring the user that made the purchase is the same one leaving a review.

Click here to watch the founders of Anypay purchase produce with Bitcoin and leave a verified review!


Because we can store any type of data inside of the token, the Veritas platform is extensible to fit any need. How the initial Proof of Purchase is issued, and subsequently “spent” to leave feedback is highly flexible to fit any use case required. We seek to provide solutions for any customer looking to allow onchain reviews for their service/business, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact Us

Veritas is just the beginning of what we are enabling to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain to improve consumer reviews. If you are interested in using Veritas or learning more, send an email to We can chat about how you want to utilize the platform and set you up with an API key to get started.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more soon!

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